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United Plus

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The United Plus has the same qualities as the United, but it is manufactured to fit a bariatric bed. The United Plus is manufactured at 42" wide and will fit on any 42" bariatric bed. Not only is it wider, but it is also able to hold 750 pounds of a patient's weight. Even if a patient is not technically bariatric in weight, the United Plus allows for more room for the patient's comfort.

Mattress Size:

42"W 80"L 9"H

Weight Capacity:

750 lbs


available in XL 84" and 48" width

The United Mattress vs True Low Air Loss Mattress

To the right is the same patient (male weighing 180 pounds, 6 feet tall) sitting at an incline of 45 degrees in a hospital bed. While lying on the True Low Air Loss, his average reading is 13.5 mm of Hg, while the average reading on The United Mattress is 8.7 mm of Hg.

Benefits of
The United Plus

  • Combination of memory foam and air cells allow for patient's weight to be equally distributed

  • No electricity or electric pump needed

  • Stays below 32 mm of Hg

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN to heal stage 1-4 wounds

  • Able to control the head, middle and foot section independently of one another

  • NO NEED for wedges or heel boots

  • Sturdy perimeter on all models to allow for easy patient transfer and movement.

3 year warranty
Made In America

United Mattress products are made in Lewisburg, TN and have a 3-year warranty. United Mattress products all have unmatched customer satisfaction and quality ratings. Patients are happy and our customers are happy.

Proven Results


Average decreased wound size


Average mm of Hg


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