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Using a combination of dynamic air cells, a non-shearing layer and 4", 4 lb memory foam allows for dynamic weight distribution, an optimal healing environment and patients feeling weightless. Our technology is designed for treating AND healing stage 1-4 pressure injuries and wound care with statistically proven and unrivaled healing results.

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With over 45 years of combined experience in the medical industry our team is committed to service our customers first.

“One night a terrible storm came through and we lost power. All our air mattresses went flat and patients needed to be moved. It was awful. Luckily, we had purchased a few United Mattresses and those patients did not need to be moved. The next day, I ordered 20 more. Losing power is too stressful with air mattresses, and the thought of having to move patients of all sizes like that never again? No!”

- Michael F Administrator, Georgia

“We love these mattresses! They heal patients who were not able to heal before and the patients say they are so comfortable!”

- Director of Nursing, Gallatin, TN

"A resident who has chronic wounds related to her condition and positioning requirements. The mattress from The United Mattress made a significant difference with her wounds while providing comfort the previous mattress could not provide."

- Randy Z. Wound Care Nurse, Middle Tennessee

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A: The United Mattress can take the place of any air mattress; rather it be an electric alternating pressure mattress or a low air loss/alternating pressure mattress.

A: The United has been clinically proven to treat stage 1-4 wounds. It has also been proven to help heal flap surgeries. With it being able to heal extensive wounds, it of course can also be used as a preventative mattress or a mattress to assist hospice patients.

A: The United Mattress is manufactured using 4 inches of Memory Foam on the bottom of the mattress and the air cells are above the memory foam. The air cells are divided into three sections, “The Head”, “The Middle”, and “The Foot”. Each section is inflated and remains inflated as the patient is on the mattress.

A: By using memory foam and by placing the air cells above the memory foam, we are able to “float” the patient’s entire body. By floating the entire body, we are able to relieve more pressure than alternating the pressure with an electric pump.

A: There are three valves located at the foot of the mattress. Each valve is labeled either “Head”, “Middle” or “Foot”. Each valve correlates to the air cell that it controls. If a nurse wants to release some of the air in the “Middle” section, he or she can turn the valve to the open position, and the air will release. After a few seconds, the nurse can then turn the valve to the off position to seal it.