About Us

About The United Mattress, LLC

At The United Mattress, LLC, we are committed to using high quality materials to make the best medical mattresses on the market.  We believe that patient comfort and care should not be sacrificed at any cost, and caregivers should have peace of mind about the equipment they are using.  That is why every mattress we sell comes with a 3-year top to bottom warranty and unparalleled customer service support.

The United Mattress was invented as a solution to a constant problem that Jimmy and Kayla were having with their medical equipment rental business. At one time they were serving four states out of three offices. It seemed like the only issues they would have out of all of their equipment, were the air mattress pumps and blowers. The pumps always seemed to fail at night and on a weekend. We would get a call in the middle of the night that the pump had gone out and we had to send someone immediately because the patient was on the metal bed frame. It did not matter the manufacturer of pump that was purchased, eventually they would have a problem. Jimmy kept thinking, there has got to be a better way to heal a wound.

Jimmy wanted to eliminate the pump/blower completely. Jimmy took different components to manufacture a mattress, which then became The United. The United Mattress was invented to combat all of the issues associated with a traditional air mattress. It was also invented with the recommendations from nursing facility nurses and employees to successfully make a universal mattress with nurses and patients in mind. Once all of the modifications were made, the manufacturing process began.

With over 45 years of combined experience in the medical industry our team is committed to serving our customers first.

The United Mattress was designed to offer patients and caregivers an effective, easy to use, and portable solution to pressure wound prevention and healing.  It is used to prevent pressure wounds from developing and also creates an optimal healing environment for existing stage 1-4 wounds.  The United Mattress is appropriate for patients in spinal clinics, nursing homes, long term acute care facilities, hospitals, hospice care, and more.